Students Mission Trip Overview

Missions and the Wizard of Oz

In the words of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, “we aren’t in Kansas anymore Toto”! Although there won’t be any flying monkey’s, this definitely won’t feel like home. You will discover a whole other world and you will discover the answers to many questions.

Your mission trip is about people not projects. You will definitely do some real work, but you will remember the real relationships. Whether it’s the kids you get to know, the stories you hear from being in the community or just discoveries you make on your own, life is about relationships and understanding others. You will make an impact and you will feel an impact long after your trip is finished.

So soak it in. Seek to understand. Serve with the humility of Christ. Put away your smart phone. Disconnect from the outside world so you can connect or should we say reconnect to the spiritual side within you that God has created for good and mighty things.

When Jesus entered Jerusalem for the last time the Bible tells us, “When he looked over the city, he wept”. We’re not exactly sure why he wept but it is easy to imagine he must have seen many things that broke his heart. You will see many things that break yours too. So begin now to pray and even “weep over the city”. We’re not sure when or why you will see something that breaks your heart on your trip. But when you do, seek God’s peace, grace, and wisdom to offer your love and compassion to make a difference.

We encourage you to find ways to engage in missions even after you get home. That’s what we mean by “long-term impact”. We hope and pray you will stay in contact with the ministry and people you served. Add them to your facebook, call or write them often. During the year host fundraisers to help them with special projects. Start or support similar ministries in your own hometown.

Most of all, we hope you will return to serve again. Remember, the Good Samaritan said to the Innkeeper, “and when I return, I will pay you in full”. He didn’t just leave the beaten stranger alone. He provided for his needs and came back to check on his progress and pay the bill.


With a grant and on-going support from Compassion International, CityConnexx is dedicated to help people experience custom designed mission trips to ignite their passion for serving others as a life long vision.

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