Parents Mission Trip Overview

Safety & Security are a high priority for us.

We are parents too so we understand. We all want the best experiences for our children with maximum safety. All of our host ministry sites must meet a rigid qualification, security and safety standard. Our national and local staff feel a deep responsibility to be sure your kids are safe and secure.

Safety and security are given the utmost attention. Separate restroom, shower and sleeping facilities are a strict requirement. In addition, facilities must be locked after hours and there must be a secure, locked storage area for all personal possessions. Each site has to meet all local building and insurance requirements. We provide additional umbrella insurance coverage for all groups.

In 25 years of doing urban mission trips, we have never had any serious security issues.

With a grant and on-going support from Compassion International, CityConnexx is dedicated to help people experience custom designed mission trips to ignite their passion for serving others as a life long vision.

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