Mission Trip Pricing

Register Now and Lock in your City & Dates

Remember, since CityConnexx only assigns one group per site, per week, you need to act quickly. Get your approvals and sign offs now and get the most relational and impactful mission trip your students have experienced. Live, serve, work, and worship in the community you serve. We call it “Workship”. See what God see’s on the streets of His community. It’s all about relationships, not just projects.

A $1,000 deposit is all it takes to hold your low price. Allow CityConnexx to design an individualized mission trip for you and your students with a “God’s Eye View” of the community you will serve.

Looking for Trip Dates?

We don’t have set dates. Because each trip is individually focused on your group, you pick the dates. We have some wonderful ministry sites and since most depend on CityConnexx for their volunteer support, you provide the dates, city, and your groups DNA and we will match you to a site with those needs. You will not be combined with other groups which leaves no outside distractions and total focus on making this a high impact serving opportunity for your group. It also allows us, jointly, to select age specific projects for your team.

2019 Registration

Early Bird Discount Pricing
(prior to December 15th)
 7 days | 6 nights  $325.00
6 days | 5 nights  $300.00
 5 days | 4 nights  $275.00
 4 days | 3 nights  $250.00
Standard Group Pricing
(following December 15th)
 7 days | 6 nights  $350.00
6 days | 5 nights  $325.00
 5 days | 4 nights  $300.00
 4 days | 3 nights   $275.00

CityConnexx Meal Plans:

Meals can be provided for your group during your stay by our ministry site. Catering provides a micro-business model for some persons who serve with our Ministry Partners. Meals for 2019 are billed at $6/person for breakfast, $7/person for lunch, and $8/person for dinner. Should you choose to provide your own meals, a $50 facility fee will be applied for kitchen usage during your stay.

With a grant and on-going support from Compassion International, CityConnexx is dedicated to help people experience custom designed mission trips to ignite their passion for serving others as a life long vision.

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