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Our mission is to take care of the details and logistics so you don't have too. We want you to have the time and energy to focus on your students, to be sure they are getting what they need out of this experience. We've been where you are. We're youth leaders too. So we get it. We know how draining these trips can be on you and your leaders. Therefore in partnership with our local onsite staff, we help organize and faciliate all details of your trip both in the months of pre-trip planning and during your week of service. 

Every CityConnexx mission trip is custom designed. We don't believe in "shot gun missions", "sloppy agape", "check it off my WWJD list". You won't be housed with a bunch of other groups, running off each day in long lines behind inexperienced summer interns. Our local ministry staff come from the hoods they live in. They know their streets. They know what works and how best to put your group to work.

Our free daily devotional and journal with questions for each day will help your students be more aware of the life lesson that is unfolding in front of them.  After you send in your deposit you will be assigned a password that will allow you to download devotionals, journals, fundraising ideas, DVDs, and other resources for your trip. Our free curriculum will help you be intentional about your experience.

Post trip, CityConnexx will provide you with ideas to help you stay connected to the new relationships you’ve made. There are many opportunities to keep your church and your students connected to the ministry site and neighborhood where you served. Our desire is that you will make a "long-term impact" by staying connected with our partners and coming back. That's why we choose the name "Connexx". The two XX represent you and the place you served, all around the Cross. We want you to "connexx" with your ministry partner year round by staying in touch, finding other ways you can help with donations, adding them to your mission budget, shipping toys, school supplies, etc.

We encourage you to find ways to engage in missions even after you get home. That's what we mean by "long-term impact". We hope and pray you will stay in contact with the ministry and people you served. Add them to your facebook, call or write them often. During the year host fundraisers to help them with special projects. Start or support similar ministries in your own hometown.

Most of all, we hope you will return to serve again. Remember what the Good Samaritan said to the Innkeeper, "and when I return, I will pay you in full". He didn't just leave the beaten stranger alone. He provided for his needs and came back to check on his progress and pay the bill. The modern day InnKeeper is that ministry you will serve at who is on the urban Jericho road 24/7, 365 days a year.


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  • Serving at this ministry was an amazing, heart felt experience. I will be going back to participate as a helper for it touched my heart on so many different ...
    - Marty

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