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Why USA Missions?

It is NOT an either/or question!

The commandment is pretty clear that we are to go to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria AND the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). If I paid you a buck for every church that told me “we are globally focused”, you would be storing up big treasures here on earth (as the saying goes). Yes, it’s compeling to see a starving child living in sewage in another country and ask why. Yes, we need to go to the ends of the earth.

But, as youth leaders ourselves, we get lots of questions about the exploding US homeless population or what is transitional housing for working homeless families. After-all, “if they’re working, how come they’re homeless”. How about when students see little kids that are stuck in the crossfire of politics and poverty. How about a mom and three little kids who live under a bridge or a cheap nasty hotel within eye sight of your cities capitol. How about a third of the girls who are pregnant by age 20 raising their children in poverty. Does God not weep for them too!

We, as Christians, with our inner city ministry partners, with Christ’s love can change or alter generational cycles in these communities!

Even if you are going global with your missions program, here are some serious things to consider. As youth leaders, we risk teaching our students that being missional is an expensive something you "go to". It needs to be something we all become. Seriously, we need to offer our students both options, global and US, not one or the other.

  • Help our students understand and live the whole Great Commission
  • How often can a student (or parents) afford expensive international trips?
  • What about the youth that can't afford it? Don’t they deserve to be missional too?
  • What about using a less expensive USA mission strategy to help your students reach out to their friends and other students in your area or in their school?
  • What about an active Jerusalem or Judea mission program for your Jr. High or Middle School students?
  • Your impact will be felt long after you and your students leave
  • Make lasting relationships- we want you and your students to stay connected and we will help you do just that

CityConnexx has the inner city missions pulse.  Your group will live, serve, pray, play and reach these at-risk neighborhoods with the love of Christ.

One suggestion we have is to take your younger students first on a domestic trip. Let them get a "taste" for missions. Find out if they are cut out for an international trip. Then when they are juniors or seniors they have earned the privilege to do an international trip. Some of our youth leaders use this model: First year do something in your own town. Second year go to a place within 8 hours drive. Third year fly somewhere in the US. Fourth year go to another country. And we can help with that as well. We've just started CountryConnexx. Call for more details, 720-280-2606.

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