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THE Cause: Youth Ministry with a Purpose

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Make Disciples Who Make Disciples

What is it?

The last and lasting mandate that Jesus left His followers was for them to make disciples who make disciples. THE Cause is a culturally relevant term for what has traditionally been described as “The Great Commission” (Matthew 28:18-20). 

Why focus on teenagers?

The vast majority of people who come to Christ do so before the age of 18.1 Add to this that teens are cause-centric by nature and you have the potential for the exponential advancement of the gospel through teenagers. Today’s teenagers are strategically poised for peer-to-peer evangelism. They have 100x more influence with their friends than a stranger does.2  Because the average teenager has 53 online and face-to-face friends, they can use their influence for this cause.3

What the vision for THE Cause?

To launch a strategy for teenagers to be mobilized on every high school and middle school in America to relationally and relentlessly make disciples who make disciples.

Strategic Objectives:

  1. Leverage the cause-centric mindset of teenagers in order to unleash them with a mission-driven strategy that enables them to make disciples who make disciples of their own friends at their own schools.
  2. Motivate and equip churches and other Christian organizations to drive the strategy in their own communities until teenagers at every school are mobilized for THE Cause.
  3. Build an army of adults who are praying, encouraging, equipping, funding, and empowering.
  4. Create an online community to communicate stories and ideas that fuel THE Cause.

How does a teenager accomplish THE Cause at their school?

  1. Learn how to share the GOSPEL.
  2. Complete “THE Cause Circle” and get others to join you.
  3. Begin to Pray, Pursue, Persuade.

How does a youth leader mobilize teens for THE Cause?

Starting in their youth group, they:
  • Consistently pray for the movement to spark in their group and then move beyond the group into the community.
  • Challenge teenagers to join THE Cause.
  • Coach teenagers to share the GOSPEL relationally and relentlessly
  • Have teenagers complete  “THE Cause Circle.”
  • Equip teenagers to Pray, Pursue, Persuade.
  • Take 5 minutes during each meeting for teenagers to share stories about who they are seeking to reach and mobilize for Christ.
  • Measure progress toward THE Cause by identifying the schools represented by teens in their group and those that have teens driving THE Cause.
  • Recruit and equip adults to get involved.
  • Build a philosophy that will sustain THE Cause long-term
  • Spread the vision for THE Cause to other youth leaders in your community and network.

How does an adult champion fuel THE Cause in their church?

  • Pray: consistently for teenagers, their campuses, and THE Cause (Acts 4:31)
  • Act:
    • Mobilize teenagers directly for THE Cause (use Dare 2 Share’s resource, Mission Mobilize)
    • Influence other adults to pray, act, and/or give toward THE Cause.
    • Set the pace for teenagers by consistently sharing the GOSPEL in their circle of influence.
    • Volunteer with Dare 2 Share and/or a youth group to carry out THE Cause.
  • Give: financially support ministries that mobilize teenagers to make disciples who make disciples, like CityConnexx and Dare2Share.

How does Dare 2 Share and CityConnexx accelerate THE Cause?

Dare2Share provides tools, training, resources, and an online community, CityConnexx provides missional opportunities - together, for those who are advancing THE CAUSE.

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