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At CityConnexx we seek to glorify the Lord by serving our brothers and sisters like you in their short-term mission trip needs as well as support our ministry partners long term throughout the year. But don't take our word for it, browse the testimonials of youth leaders, students, parents and ministry partners as they tell you about their experience with CityConnexx.
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I would like to start off writing this as a prayer for who may come across this. I pray that something so extraordinarily worked by God, awakens a feeling so deep inside, that nothing can be done in response but desire to live a life in a state of constant worship. I could never imagine living a different life then I have grown to know. Struggles are common, and yes I have them and absolutely despise them. I’ve been told it’s normal to be angry with God because we, as humans and because of a lack of understanding, sometimes fail to see the beauty and purpose of a harder season of life. Despite this, I thought my life was blessed, and I think it was. Mission trip caused a train reaction inside of me. And that’s where I’d like to start; the station. Albuquerque was my first ever mission trip. I honestly had not a clue what to even expect, but with God leading these amazing students I have grown to love so fondly, I full heartedly knew it was going to be great. The day we arrived at our destination, I was skeptical of it all. Four showers for the girls, an epic makeshift shower outdoors for the guys, and one God. I knew I was in for one unforgettable experience. I remember dinner the first night: great food, all the students and leaders sitting together, strangers I had never come seen before just across the room. At this point, I hadn’t a clue what these miraculous “strangers” would come to do in my life; worship later that evening showed me a glimpse. These “strangers” were on fire for Jesus. They were hoopin’ and hollarin’ and I had never before that night, seen such ferocity for God like these people had living in their hearts. At that moment, I felt God opening my heart for what this week would have in store. The work we did covered from sorting bad produce, having fun at a local VBS, cleaning who-knows-what off of walls, and everything in between. On an everyday basis, I get agitated with being asked to do chores and I go about it reluctantly. And surprisingly this was different. I had no want, desire, or even reason to complain about anything. Yes at times the work was a little gross when it came to rotten fruit, but I was in an environment and state of being where Christ was truly everywhere and I saw it: in the work site, my friends, leaders, and myself. We were all able bodies empowered by Christ to have the amazing opportunity to serve in his name. I’ve been told our ministry, through God, blessed the people we encountered and I find that to be true. But what I will never take for granted is the blessing I received from the brothers and sisters of Christ we had the chance to help. During a day at VBS, the verse to memorize was as I recall, Psalm 119:105, “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.” Now, this four year old boy had talked to me for a while on how his light-up sneakers were so great because they made him run so very fast. But, this four year old boy stirred so much joy inside of me when he told me, “they light up my path, just like Jesus does for me every day.” This young boy took my breath away at his faith like this. Who figured that light-up sneakers secretly had an alternate purpose? I also witnessed Christ back at our home site by unlikely heroes. These “strangers” I have mentioned before, are not strangers. They are amazing, wonderful souls I have come to miss so dearly in the time that has passed since mission trip. They have experienced the most overwhelming hardships in their lives and I feel they had every reason to be angry with God if they for chose. Yet these people were hopeful and steadfast in their Christian faith. I was beyond blessed to hear some of their testimonies and get to talk and pray over these amazing men and women. I could talk about them for days on end and how just so very awesome these people are, but I would never do these miraculous people any justice. Multiple times I was brought to tears, when they openly shared their life with me. They had been in the deepest of trenches, yet they found God and continue to pursue him with open hearts. I sincerely love these people with every bone in my body. They are all so strong and I was so sad when the week had come to an end knowing I wouldn’t be able to just hear them sing their hearts out during worship. But they left me with their stories of hardships, and even better, the stories of when they found God. I cannot express my gratitude for this life changing experience. God is truly an almighty amazing God and I forever want, need, and absolutely desire to live in a state of worship. -Chelsea Koach, grade 10, forever changed.
Chelsea, FPC-Kingwood, Kingwood,TX

I took two teams of high school students on trips with CityConnexx this summer and both of them had an incredible time. CityConnexx came through for us and found us a great church partner in Hammond, IN and set myself and my other leaders to point students to Christ and grow in our relationships with them.

Nathan brought his Junior and Senior High to Chicago on consecutive weeks. 

Nathan, Youth Pastor, Newlife Church, United States
Being able to get on a bus from Texas to Denver and spend a week with other students and adults who want to serve others and God is already an impact. Starting the week off listening to Bonnie's incredible testimony was more than what I could have asked for to feel God's presents for the week. Bonnie is such an inspiration and so is her son. The Potter's House Church of Denver was church like I've never been too. IT's absolutely crazy how they sang a song our entire group sang before we went to church and how the message was so relevant to our lives. It's amazing what God can do and especially when you realize it while it's happening. The first day my group went to our site, I am sitting near the front with a bunch of elementary school kids and all of a sudden two little girls and boy came up to me and would not let me go. They attached to me so fast that at the end of it all I did not want to leave them!. Juan, Juanita and Alexia touched my heart in so many ways and I miss them so much. The second day we were at the same site I was able to have a conversation with a man named Rob who worked at the church and just happened to be a professional fighter with an amazing testimony. It was so relieving about how open he was with me and when I shared my testimony with him he could not get over it. He seemed so moved by it that he wanted to share it with others. Our testimonies are completely different but touched each other. The feeling of importance I had during that moment was something I will never forget. All of the places we went to created an impact on my life. I grew closer to not only myself and who I am but God. This trip has truly changed my life back home. Being able to see God work in people's life and mine first hand is an experience I will never forget!
Lauren Struffolino, United States
What an amazing week our students and adults shared in Denver this year! Dean, Bonnie, Jordan and the rest of the team did a phenomenal job connecting us with local ministries that are sharing the love of Christ in tangible ways day-in and day-out throughout the year. They coordinated our group of 175 students and 40 adults without a hitch, and did it all with love and grace. These guys are the real deal: They love Jesus, love people, and work tirelessly to serve others in Jesus' name. We were privileged to partner with them in ministry and can't recommend them highly enough!
John Hewlett, Associate Pastor - Worship, Valley Ranch Baptist Church, Coppell, TX
this was my first mission trip and before I came, I prayed to God several times to just guide me on a path to serve people and the community! I went to the red shield Salvation Army my first two days and it was just a blessing because I got to help them paint their boxing room down in the basement and it looks so amazing. I was just amazed by how much we got done. I also got to get close to some kids that loved and wanted to know more about The Lord because they were having a rough home life. the next couple of days I got to go to praise center church and got to help them pass out some flyers for their VBS the next day. I was getting tired but The Lord kept whispering to me and talking to me to keep going because there were people that needed to know God and The Lord so I finished strong and knew all that walking was for kids to know more about God and get closer in Christ! we also got a chance to rely out on the VBS and I got to meet a lot of kids that were ready to come to Christ. there was a little boy named trey and his mom was there too. she was a single young woman but loved her son dearly and was just trying to find a good youth church for her son. at the end of the VBS I went over and got a New Testament bible and gave it to him so he can red the story of Jesus after he created everything and he was so happy to get that bible. on the last day, our 86:12 group worshipped for a little over an hour and no doubt about it, Christ was everywhere in that room. people were crying because The Lord was touching them, people had their hands up and standing and just praising their lord. over this week I have really came to know Jesus and God more and Christ has touched me so much that I think I am going to soon give my life to Christ and make that decision. this was the best experience I have ever had in my life!
Emma Johnson , the smiles and tears I saw this week that made me want to come to Christ!, 86:12, Denver. Colorado
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