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Connecting the body of Christ across lines of socioeconomic difference

Our goal is that your vision will match our mission which is to connect your group with one of our groups in the spirit of equipping, encouraging, and empowering each other for greater acts of service during your service trip as we strive together to connect the body of Christ across cultures. 

CityConnexx Mission Statement

"To facilitate long term Christian community transformation through short term service experiences."

Our Model of Ministry

  • We Create:  Customizable, Collaborative Short-Term Mission Connections
  • Our Short-Term Missions are:  Educational, Formational and Credible

Message from our Director

CityConnexx (CCX) facilitates Christian community transformation through short-term service.

Jesus told us to love our neighbor. Here at CityConnexx we believe Jesusí command to love our neighbor (as one who is like ourselves) is actually an enormous challenge, especially since many of our neighbors are quite un-like ourselves. As a matter of fact, our social world is structured in such a way that connections across economic/educational/social difference are difficult and unnatural.

Times of intentional short-term service across lines of difference provide a means for supernatural connection. From a Christian perspective these intentional acts of respectful, honoring, collaboration are the natural result of discipleship. That is to say, obeying Christ involves connecting across lines of difference in order to work together for Godís good purposes in a community. As we do this we all grow more into the image of Christ.

CityConnexx creates connections between people who in the normal course of events would never connect in a significant way. These connections across lines of difference provide a transformational foundation for everyone involved.

Partner with us in 2017 to connect through a short-term service experience. We invest the time and energy to assure a good match and experience between host and guest communities. Our trips begin at $250 for a 3 night/4 day experience and range to $325 for a 6 night/7 day experience if you register and we receive your deposit before December 15, 2016.

We look forward to hearing from you.

John Thexton

Executive Director 

We partner with local ministries in marginalized communities in the United States in order to facilitate long term Christian community transformation.  We do this through networking, collaboration, education, training and short term service experiences. 

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