Mission Trips

Mission Opportunities

By matching your group’s gifts, talents and desires with the needs of our Ministry Partners, CityConnexx will match a ministry site for you to serve alongside that will maximize your impact and experience. All of our ministry partners engage in holisitc ministry within their communities. While each context and week of ministry afford unique opportunities, teams can anticipate:

  • Assisting with summer camps for youth and children (e.g. sport camps, vacation bible schools, summer camping)
  • Food ministries – community gardens, food preparation and distribution, assisting with food training in communities
  • Clothing ministries – assisting in thrift stores, clothing sorting, and distribution
  • Context specific ministries: language camps, conversational english, immigration assistance
  • Construction opportunities: low- skill to high skill construction (depending on your team’s abilities)
  • Education: learn and witness the complex network of factors that constitute poverty in the United States. Reflect theologically upon classism, racism, industrial factors, economics and a host of other issues that make neighbor-love challenging.
  • Neighborhood outreach, block parties, concerts, evangelism (in the best sense of the term)

Remember, we will custom design your schedule based on the information you provide and match you to a ministry site that has those needs.

With a grant and on-going support from Compassion International, CityConnexx is dedicated to help people experience custom designed mission trips to ignite their passion for serving others as a life long vision.

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