How is CityConnexx different than other mission trips?

This unique experience provides your group with the opportunity to serve in America’s at-risk communities with a custom-designed mission experience. We will develop a schedule of activities and projects based on your group’s interests and talents and match them to the needs of a ministry site. Together, CityConnexx staff, the ministry site coordinator and your group leader will work together to ensure a successful mission experience.

What ages are recommended for CityConnexx?

Our custom program allows for groups of all ages. Typically youth groups will include students entering 7th grade in the fall through graduated 12th graders. However, college students, adult groups and families can be accommodated with our custom-designed mission program. Please note that supervision of infants or young children tends to detract from your experience.

If you bring a youth group, we recommend 1 adult chaperone per 5 students to provide the best experience for everyone, remember to bring female and male chaperones.

Do you offer anything other than week long mission trips?

Because we offer a custom mission experience, we can add or delete days to accomodate your schedule when needed.  For those who are not able to join us for a week or want to test the waters, we may be able to arrange a weekend Micro Mission experience. Contact CityConnexx if you are interested in this option.

What dates are available for each city?

We don’t have set dates. Because each trip is individually focused on your group, you pick the dates. We have some wonderful ministry sites and since they depend on CityConnexx for their volunteer support, you pick the date, city and tell us your groups DNA. Then we will match you to a site that has those needs. You will not be combined with other groups, which leaves no outside distractions and total focus on making this a high impact serving opportunity for you and your group. It also allows us, jointly, to select age specific projects for your team. Middle schoolers, High schoolers and College students all learn and experience life in a different way. We want to work with you and our site to select age appropriate projects that help each person maximize their learning experience. We work with you to make sure there’s a great mix of work projects and relational outreach.


What do we do first?

Complete the registration form.

There are two options:  (1) print and mail/fax the pdf or (2) fill out the electronic version on our registration page.  Send to CityConnexx a deposit on your registration form to lock in your group rate.  Your deposit will be applied to your final balance due 4 weeks before your arrival date. After CityConnexx receives your registration form, a representative will contact you to discuss the DNA of your group so that we can match you to a ministry site with those needs.

What happens next?

CityConnexx staff will review your information and call to confirm the date and city of your mission week. Next matching your group’s interests with the needs of our ministry partners in that city, we will assign your group to a specific ministry site.  We will also assign a CityConnexx Project Manager to your group.  They will review the CityConnexx resources available to you to promote your trip, provide fundraising ideas, and prepare you for your trip.  We will work closely with your group leader to ensure a successful mission experience.

What is the last step?

The last step is to complete a copy of the Participant/Medical Release form for each individual attending. It is the responsibility of the group leader to make sure everyone has this form completed and signed. Copies are due to CityConnexx 2 weeks before your arrival date and originals are due immediately upon your arrival and will be collected by your Ministry Site Coordinator.

Please note this form is required by CityConnexx even if you have a different form required by your church/organization.  Please contact CityConnexx to discuss further.

What is the cancellation policy?

The registration deposit of $1000 is non-refundable if your group cancels.

The Registration and 50% payment due 8 weeks before your arrival date is non-refundable and is based on an estimated number of participants which can be adjusted with your final registration and will be applied toward your final payment.

The Final Registration and final payment due 4 weeks before your arrival date is non-refundable and is based on the final number of participants at that time. In the event an individual needs to cancel after Final Registration has been received, the entire fee is transferable to a new participant.  New participants may also be added before your arrival date.

What if our payment is late?

If Registration and 50% payment is not received/postmarked 8 weeks before your arrival date, a 10% late charge will be added. If Final Registration and final payment is not received/postmarked 4 weeks before your arrival date, a 10% late charge will be added. Please use the resources provided by CityConnexx to plan accordingly and meet these deadlines which are critical for your mission trip to be a success.

Group Leaders

Is there a minimum group size requirement?

There is a minimum group size of 15 required for all 4 day or longer mission trips.  If your final number is less than the minimum requirement, final payment for minimum size is required.

Is there a dress code for CityConnexx?

We invite you as leaders to monitor your group to ensure they are dressing appropriately. Our suggestions are:

  • Bring clothes for all weather (warm to stormy), layers are best and remember jackets
  • Wear modest shorts, dresses, slacks and jeans for work projects, worship, and free time
  • Wear closed-toe and closed-heel shoes during work projects
  • Wear modest, one-piece bathing suits or two piece suits covered with a colored t-shirt
  • Wear dark t-shirts during any activity involving water
  • No sleeveless shirts or spaghetti straps, except for sleepwear

Please ask your group not to pack anything that:

  • Advertises alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs
  • Explicitly or implicitly promotes racism, sexism, or hatred of any group or person
  • Explicitly or implicitly refers to sexual actions or situations
  • Is excessively short or tight fitting
What do we need to bring to CityConnexx?

Each person attending CityConnexx needs to bring a sleeping bag and pillow, air mattress, linens and towels, clothes, and toiletries for their personal use. Don’t forget sunscreen, camera and spending money!

What should we not bring to CityConnexx?

Alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, fireworks, any kind of weapon, skateboard and rollerblades are prohibited.  We strongly recommend against bringing portable CD players, MP3 players or other electronic devices that would detract from engaging in this experience.

What does a typical one week mission trip at CityConnexx look like?
Day 1 Day 5
Arrive Breakfast
Dinner Daily devotional
Ministry site and Community Orientation Outreach with CityConnexX
Day 2 Lunch
Breakfast Outreach with CityConnexX
Briefing on the weeks schedule Dinner
Training Journal, Debriefing, Stories
How to use the daily devotional & read the day’s devotional Day 6
How to use the daily journal Breakfast
How to use relational evangelism (The Cause) Daily devotional
Lunch Outreach with CityConnexX
Ministry Site Community Outreach Lunch
Dinner Outreach with CityConnexX
Journal, Debriefing, Stories Celebration Dinner
Day 3 Game Night
Breakfast Journal, Debriefing, Stories
Daily devotional Complete Evaluation Form
Ministry Site Community Outreach Day 7
Lunch Breakfast
Ministry Site Community Outreach Say Goodbyes & departure
Journal, Debriefing, Stories
Day 4
Daily devotional
Lunch (sac lunch for free day)
Journal, Debriefing, Stories
When does your mission week start?

We recommend arrival on Saturday and departure the following Friday but this can be changed if your needs vary. Some groups even add an extra day for more outreach or additional free-time activities like skiing, rafting, beach or site seeing. There is an extra lodging cost per night.

How many meals are provided?

No meals are included in the base price of your Registration Fee. However, for an additional $5 per person you can add one (1) meal to your plan. You can add as many meals as you would like (there is no limit). Many of our Ministry Sites  employ local Moms from within the community to come and prepare the meals- so it is an awesome way to have a deeper impact on your mission trip!

Where will we stay?

You will be staying at your assigned ministry site to provide your group with greater opportunity to develop relationships with the ministry and kids they serve along with a rewarding learning experience of living in the inner-city or on the Native American reservation. The ministry site will provide:

  • Separate lodging/rooms for males and females for the entire week
  • Showers and restrooms for males and females
  • Locked premise during evening hours to keep all persons and possessions safe
  • Secure storage for your group’s personal/valuable items
Who provides transportation?

You are responsible for providing all transportation and drivers to and from your assigned ministry site and for all your transportation needs while attending CityConnexx to include offsite activities, projects, and free time. Let us know if you are flying or taking the train and we may be able to assist in arranging your transportation needs.


Are there ways for our group to continue to give and invest in the ministry site once our mission week is over?

CityConnexx was uniquely designed to encourage relationship between your group and the ministry site. We strongly recommend continuing this relationship beyond your week at CityConnexx to make the greatest impact on your group and in one of America’s at-risk communities.

CityConnexx staff is available to brainstorm ideas on how best to keep your group connected with your ministry site. You can also check with your ministry site before you leave to learn what their greatest needs are. Maybe your group can send a Christmas gift to a child they developed a friendship with. Or maybe you can do fundraising activities in your community to raise money for school supplies and hair cuts. You don’t have to think big, most of these communities appreciate the basic needs we often take for granted.

Can we bring resources for our ministry site to use?

Absolutely. During CityConnexx you can bring things such as bags of clothes, soap, canned food, school supplies, Bibles etc for your ministry site to use. They are always in need of these basic staples. Again, check with your ministry site to learn what their greatest needs are.

With a grant and on-going support from Compassion International, CityConnexx is dedicated to help people experience custom designed mission trips to ignite their passion for serving others as a life long vision.

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