Washington, D.C. Overview

The centers of all three branches of the federal government are located in DC, and many of the nation’s most recognizable monuments and museums are also located there. But if one looks just beyond the government buildings and tourist attractions, the city is struggling with the devastating effects of poverty, substance abuse, and crime. Seldom seen by tourists, a lack of medical care, prevalent illiteracy, and an overwhelming rise in single parent homes has plagued the District. But all hope is not lost in this diverse community. Once known as the murder capital of the United States, many D.C. neighborhoods are becoming safe and vibrant areas due to the effects of gentrification. Several community development initiatives are also underway to help families find employment and affordable housing, as well as lend support to the large number of children living in poverty.

Washington DC is the political and world-changing center of our planet. Indeed, a whisper in Washington is heard around the world.

Maybe your group would like to be “world changers” too. What better place to proclaim the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Because as you probably know, away from the glitz and glamour of the tourist attractions, DC is still one of the nation’s most depressed and declining urban communities. In spite of all the government programs (or maybe because of them), millions live below the poverty line.

But it’s more than economic decline and decay that is the underlying cancer rotting away millions. It’s the spiritual desert that sucks the life out of these who for generations have resorted to a government handout.

Washington, D.C. Attractions

  • The White House
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • United States Capitol
  • National Zoological Park
  • National Air and Space Museum

Ministry Focus

At CityConnexx, we want to help do our part to change that. Instead of a handout we offer a “hand up.” Our urban DC ministry partners know that overcoming poverty will not happen in marches or demonstrations or strikes; it will happen one heart at a time.
We also realize that often the solution will have to come from and through a new generation. Therefore a lot of our sites focus on serving urban kids, giving them hope and a reason for living. So you will be playing, praying, staying, working and worshipping in the communities you will be serving.
We custom design each trip to fit the gifts and talents of your group that match the needs of our sites. So call or write and let’s make a match that will help change some lives. And some of them will be the lives of your youth.
With a grant and on-going support from Compassion International, CityConnexx is dedicated to help people experience custom designed mission trips to ignite their passion for serving others as a life long vision.

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