Our Model

Our model involves our ministry partner network, you, and the CityConnexx team. Together, we facilitate quality Christian community transformation through short-term connections.

Our Ministry Partners Network

We find quality Christian ministries across the United States who work with communities in marginalized contexts. These ministries compose our ministry partner network. The ministries are committed to holistic Christian community development. They provide an environment for children, youth, and adults that foster academic, emotional, and spiritual development.

Historically, we’ve used the phrase “Give a fish, Teach to Fish, Own the Pond.” People in crisis need a fish given to them. However, people must learn to fish for themselves. And finally, communities flourish when they are able to own their own ponds (establish sustainable industry). Our Ministry Partners are committed to this model of community development.

We support our Ministry Partners through prayer, trainings, networking, funding, and matching volunteers.

Our Teams

When you choose to work with CityConnexx you become a vital part of our model. You invest your time, talents, and treasures with those of our ministry partner network. Together we are able to accomplish much more than any of us can do alone.

Matching you with our ministry partner network creates an opportunity to connect with and serve alongside persons that you normally would not associate with. In this connection, folks realize the God that unites us is much bigger than the issues that divide us. In this connective space the Spirit invites us to deconstruct our prejudices, assumptions, and judgements that prevent us from really loving our neighbors.

The CCX Team

You will have contact with two key team members: your CCX ministry representative, and your CCX project manager. The ministry representative is responsible for assuring a good fit between you and the ministry partner. The project manager is responsible for assuring your connection is customized, collaborative, and credible – they handle the logistics and schedule so that you can focus on your group.

Our Process

We match teams with Ministry Partners based on mutually compatible goals, date, and geographic availability. Once a good match is determined, we focus on the three C’s that characterize quality connections:

Customizable: Every week of ministry and every team is different. You bring your mix of talents, passions, and experiences to serve with a community that is also unique. A cookie cutter approach simply does not honor God, you, or the community.

Collaborative: Collaboration means much more than partnering with someone. Collaboration involves actively listening, deliberately seeking to understand, and respectfully working with other people who may see the world very differently. Collaboration should always move all collaborators toward integrity and well-being.

Credible: the process and the work are credible when both the process and the work further God’s good purposes in and among us.

Your CCX Project Manager will work with you to assure the integrity of your connection. They will work to make sure your connection is a good fit while also assuring quality collaboration and credibility.

After you commit to a specific date and location, by sending in your $1,000 deposit, your CCX Project Manager will call you, and begin asking questions and offer you our resources. The information you share with us, will then be used to build your customized schedule. The resources we offer will prove valuable to you as you begin preparing your team.


With a grant and on-going support from Compassion International, CityConnexx is dedicated to help people experience custom designed mission trips to ignite their passion for serving others as a life long vision.

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