Our Ministry Partners

What is a Ministry Partner?

Ministry Partners include faith-based organizations throughout the nation, dedicated to serving the children and youth in their high-risk communities. Although each context is different, they all have one common goal – to provide an environment that fosters academic, emotional, and spiritual development in the name of Christ.

Ministry Partners realize that no ministry can ‘go it alone.’ Therefore, Ministry Partners collaborate with other ministries in their community (we refer to these ministries as Community Partners). Together Ministry Partners and Community Partners work for the overall well-being of the people in their neighborhoods.

Typically your team will stay with one of our Ministry Partners and work consistently with them, however, your team will also work with Community Partners. A wonderful side effect of this model is when you and your team leave the relationship between ministry and community partner will have been strengthened, because of your effort. This is one of the many ways community development/transformation can occur through short-term connections.

Why join the network of Ministry Partners?

There are many reasons to prayerfully consider becoming a partner with CityConnexx.

First, CityConnexx is committed to your health and success. We provide networking, encouragement, and training for ministries that are committed to quality Christian community development. CityConnexx is committed to reinvesting its resources into the Ministry Partner network.

Second, CityConnexx teams provide time, talent, and treasures that can be leveraged for God’s purposes in your community. Imagine what God might have you do with a team and their resources that you might not otherwise do. How might you steward these resources along with those in your community?

Third, CityConnexx does its best to prepare teams to be good guests. We know ill prepared teams can be difficult. We prepare our teams to serve ‘with’ your community. We encourage a stance that invites respect and mutuality.

Fourth, hosting CItyConnexx teams generates a significant source of income that is not grant or donor dependent. Further, as the Spirit works with and in the team members, relationships can be formed that invite long-term engagement in Christian community development – in essence you are planting seeds that may flourish in the future.

Finally, when you host a CityConnexx team you help bridge differences in the body of Christ. Our society is structured to keep rich, middle-class, and poor folks suspicious and fearful of each other. Intentional connections in the name of Christ, create opportunities for love to transform us, no matter where we land on the socio-economic spectrum.


With a grant and on-going support from Compassion International, CityConnexx is dedicated to help people experience custom designed mission trips to ignite their passion for serving others as a life long vision.

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