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Let CityConnexx connect your team with a ministry partner in one of 20 cities across the United States. We’ll handle the logistics so that you can focus on relationships and spiritual development.

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Every week of ministry and every team is different. You bring your mix of talents, passions, and experiences to serve with a community that is also unique. A cookie cutter approach simply does not honor God, you, or the community.

Collaboration means much more than partnering with someone. Collaboration involves actively listening, deliberately seeking to understand, and respectfully working with other people who may see the world very differently. Collaboration should always move all collaborators toward integrity and well-being.

Connections are credible when they facilitate Christian community development. The process and the work are credible when both the process and the work further God’s good purposes in and among us.

What Our Friends have to say

I have gone on two CityConnexx trips. They developed in me a love for service and for mission. These experiences shaped my dream and career. I'm going into medical missions. My major is Biochemistry with a minor in Spanish and Theology....

God Uses CityConnexx to Ignite Call

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CCX Connections Ignite Calling

What I liked most was building relationships, going cross-cultural, seeing different expressions of Christianity, being challenged to serve Jesus.

Justin, Youth Leader, CityConnexx Missouri Mission Team

My most rewarding experience on this trip was watching our kids "get it" and understand the people behind the needs - not just a project - real lives, real people's stories.  Anyone can work - few take time to connect with the people - we were able to do that this...

Kristen, Youth Leader, CityConnexx Denver Mission Team

I have grown up going to Crossroads of the Rockies (Denver) my whole life and it has made an impact on my life and shaping me into what I am. It's prepared me for a life as Christian in an non-christian world. I come back whenever I can to serve since I'm away at...

Solomon, College Student

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Why choose us for your Mission Trip?

To facilitate Christian community transformation through short-term connections — that is the long-term impact of short-term missions. With a CCX connection, you’ll never leave wondering whether you accomplished anything lasting. That’s because our teams always come alongside one of our ministry partners who is committed long term to a neighborhood.

Our model involves our ministry partner network, you, and the CityConnexx team. Together, we facilitate quality Christian community transformation through short-term connections.

Our team is dedicated to helping you create the best mission trip fit for your team and our Ministry Partners. With over 30 years of ministry experience combined, our team is the best option to help you create a customizable, collaborative, and credible mission trip.

With a grant and on-going support from Compassion International, CityConnexx is dedicated to help people experience custom designed mission trips to ignite their passion for serving others as a life long vision.

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